Order books and articles from the library

NOTE: When picking up your order, it is important that you read about our infection control measures.


  • ‣ Search for the book or article you want to borrow in Oria. Log in with Feide, press order and select the campus for pick-up.
  • ‣ Only available books can be ordered.
  • ‣ It is not possible to order books from other libraries.
  • ‣ It is not possible to reserve loaned books. The first-come, first-served principle applies.
  • ‣ Books must be collected at the campus they are located.


  • ‣ The loan period will be renewed automatically during the period the library is closed.
  • ‣ Day loans can be borrowed with the same loan period as other books.
  • ‣ You will receive information from the library when the books are to be delivered. Please check our website and your student e-mail regularly.  


  • ‣ You must collect the books in time (information will be sent to you on e-mail). Unclaimed books are put back on the shelf and again available for order.
  • ‣ Before collecting, you must have read about our infection control measures.
  • ‣ Orders can be picked up on Tuesday and Thursday (12-15) at the campus reception. In Kvadraturen the books are collected at the reception in Kirkegata. Call to be let in.
  • ‣ Orders must be sent at the latest before 12 noon to be able to pick-up the following day (pick-days are as mentioned Tuesday and Thursday).
  • ‣ The books are checked out to your library account when they are made ready for pick-up, you only need to state your name to the receptionist to be able to collect.
  • ‣ If you have symptoms or in quarantine, have someone else to collect for you. Contact the library to arrange this. Books cannot be picked up by others without agreement with us.


  • ‣ We ask that you keep the books for the time being. No fines will accrue before the library opens for returning books. Returning of books will be arranged, and we will inform you at a later date.
  • ‣ If there are practical reasons why you want to return books (moving to another city or something similar), please contact the library and we will find a solution. If you are graduating this semester, we ask that you contact us for arranging returning your books before the summer.